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Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon



Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon 

A winning combination in the garden

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Just writing this in Taurus waning moon.

We have just gone into Gemini Sun Sign and the New Moon will be arriving on Wednesday 

I have been creating new pages with the videos on that we have made ~ cringe ;-( 

Yes this is a very basic website and we are doing it on a very low budget

because we are on a low budget 😉 

It is great to look back on where we were last year…

and where we are now …

with the poly tunnel starting to take form inside

and become the womb space of lots of little seedlings

This blog currently doesn’t have a large capacity for media storage so I am currently posting pics on my Facebook page.

I will create a new page for this blog in a few days time when we get into the perfect Gemini Waxing Moon to do that.

I am learning to go with these creation cycles more and more.

Today I have been looking around the area we have planted and see that our furry friends ~ the rabbits ~ are checking out our planting arrangements to see if there is anything they can share in.

They have been digging up the potato beds and getting rather cheeky ~ they come right up to our gate now and they are huge ~ bigger than our cats.

So maybe we can set some cameras up to see what they get up to when we aren’t there and see just who we are sharing the space with ?

We have had a couple of casualties recently ;-( 

Forgot my Blue Peter training and didn’t create a bridge in the new pond aka The Bathtub in a former life.

Sadly a mouse left it’s earthly existence a few days ago in the pond ( have now created a bridge)

and today our cat Basil ~ who is becoming a skilled “hunter” caught a mouse today and had ended it’s life before I could rescue it.

Mouse animal totem

Luckily I was in time to rescue the Great Diving Beetle though from our water butt ~ need to put some mesh on the top 


Beetle animal totem

We have seen some rare visitors today ~ the Finches

Bird animal totem

The clay of the foundation is problematic at the moment as we are having very hot weather and then storms.

We are having to balance finishing off the outer structure and creating the inner one 

and finding time to sow new seeds at the appropriate moon time

and maintain what we already have

and of course live our life too 🙂

Like everyone else I guess

There are lots of things to learn


Scorpio brings water and all around the perimeter we have water 

It is seeping in and when it stays for a few days it can easily go stagnant and create a place that attracts mosquitos

This can also reveal emotions that are seeking moving along in the cycle 

We have added water to soften the clay when it is hot, so we can add a layer of sand around the plastic.

When the heat bakes the sand it makes for a razor sharp edge that cuts when the wind blows the plastic.

The sand softens the boundaries

When it is dry we can firm up the channels and add some drainage materials

and we are now working our way around the edges building raised beds that will also insulate 

Lots of potatoes going in 🙂

This is a perfect time ~ Taurus Waning Moon ~ to be putting in Yin based root veggies as the energy is going down into the earth taking the roots with it

We have lots of different varieties in different parts of the garden

What’s growing ?


Having accumulated lots of seeds from last years garden harvest and seed swaps,

friends and garden centres both locally and online

we had lots of choice and are still planting away

Beans are big ~ lots of varieties because I have rediscovered beans 🙂

Pick and quickly boil to remove the skin and wow 

Gigantes beans from Greece


This pic is from The Real Seed Company where I bought them

Peas, Fruit trees ~ Apple, Damson, Fig, Mango from a stone , Vine ~ rampaging away in the 30 degree heat, Olives

Goji berries,

Tomatoes , Courgettes, Aubergines, Beetroot, Spinach, salad leaves, Kale, Gerkins

Lots of flowers and herbs too ~ Angelica, Anise, Coriander, Calendula, Nasturtiums 

Squash ~ especially for our cat Arnold who eats this every day now mixed with Slippery Elm Bark to assist his digestion

and colon 🙂

I have made a note of when we planted the seeds ~ which Moon and what Wavespell to be aware of the energy that is creating with the seed

As we are in the last day of the flowering castle ~ Yellow Cosmic Star ~ Lamat which is also known as a rabbit ~ we can see the shift 

It takes time to establish new ways of living and sometimes it seems that nothing much is happening

and then suddenly everything starts to do it’s own thing and 

Eden is evident

All of these seeds started for me as a very small child

and as an adult in Greece with my lovely tomato picking gloves in 1986 🙂




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Taurus Moon Day


It’s a Taurus Moon today and this is my moon.

I am learning to garden with the moon and by doing so get in synch with the natural ebb and flow of our universe.

Today I have been inspired to cook soups and I like to cook them in the oven using metal containers as this gives an alchemical flavour to the process.

All cooking is a form of alchemy as we take raw ingredients and transform them into something else using a process . If you roast vegetables in oil without much liquid the flavour is very different to cooking them on top of the oven and in water.


I love Indian cooking and have used Madhur Jaffrey’s recipes for years. When I worked in pubs I learned lots of techniques and recipes and collected local ones whenever possible. One of the key things then, was cooking in advance and in bulk ,which I found pretty joyless after a while 🙂 I also used microwaves to match the fast food ethos of that time but I haven’t had one of those for years. When we lived in Cumbria we made most of our food fresh for each day and asked our customers to be patient as quality tasty food takes time and patience and… takes as long as it takes. I love to take my learning from the past and let go of what no longer serves me ~ I love to have variety and quality rather than quick quantity 🙂 I believe the sacred in our lives is the common daily process and the more joy we bring to them , the more we experience heart living.

Cooking with Indian herbs and spices really enhances the flavours and brings out the wonder of vegetables……involves many processes and requires many pots so an assistant washer upper is an advantage. It is worth the extra cleaning. Using herbs for health is a very natural way of being in everyday life in India and is also incorporated into the Ayurvedic principles of health.

As we all seem to have so much to fit into a day now , as the food is cooking away in the oven , we can be getting on with other things ~ such as growing the food that will be future soup. Home made food that is created with love is one of the key steps to nurturing our bodies. It forms the substance of healthy living.

So many of these herbs are great for reducing anything inflammatory in the system . The more we tune in to hearing what our body needs and the healthier we become.

Today I felt inspired to create :

Mushroom and garlic soup with thyme and a splash of white wine 

Put all ingredients in a metal pan with a lid according to how much you wish to make ~ I used a small punnet of white mushrooms and four large cloves of garlic , coarse sea salt, black pepper and a splash of wine, a smattering of olive oil and a sprinkling of dried thyme. Cook on low heat for about half an hour until mushrooms are cooked through, cool, blend with blender then add a veg stock or milk and a dollup of cream or if you don’t want dairy use a non dairy  ingredient such as soya or  coconut milk.


Squash, sweet potato and red pepper soup

Roast slices of the vegetables in olive oil according to the amount you wish to create in a metal container with lid.

Add some garlic cloves, a smattering of cumin seeds, cumin powder and turmeric with a couple of bay leaves and coarse salt and black pepper.

Cook on low for about an hour and stir vegetables to ensure they don’t dry out.

When soft, allow to cool and remove the skin if need be ( sometimes it doesn’t blend well ).

Blend and add some vegetable stock to the consistency you require.

This bubbles like a mud geyser so be careful ~ totally warms from the inside out and if you require more lava effect add some chilli 🙂

Great when you need warming after an afternoon on the  allotment.


New Potato and leek mash up

Chop some potatoes and leeks and put in a metal container and lid. Add some oil and butter or substitute if non dairy.

Lots of coarse salt and pepper. Cook slowly stirring regularly on a low oven heat.

When soft add some veg stock ~ if you wish for a creamier version add milk or cream or non dairy alternative.


Simple soul food.

Miracle herbs and Spices

Turmeric and Cumin

A lot can be gleaned simply by looking at the colour and shape of any plant.

Orange ~ Sacral chakra

Round ~ feminine yin

Cylindrical ~ more towards yang energy and masculine

Grown below ground ~ feminine yin

Above ground ~  more  masculine yang

turmeric, root and powder

Great gardening activities in Taurus Waxing Moon time:

Waxing moon is when the moon is increasing which starts around new moon time. We have just had new moon in Aries and today we are in Taurus.

To find out what moon sign it is you can use this great website:


When the moon is waxing it is energising and this is very different to waning energy which is generally a relaxing and letting go time.

If you think of this in terms of a breath cycle:

When the moon is waxing we are breathing in and our lungs are expanding.

When the moon is waning we are breathing out ~ exhaling and releasing.

This is an amazing exciting area I am feeling very enthused with at the moment and I will be sharing my learning on this and how we can use this knowledge in a practical way to co create with our universe.

It is a good time to plant annuals today generally speaking ~ however there may still be risk of a frost so I’m holding back on that in the garden.

Taurus is an earth feminine sign and therefore yin plants that grow under ground ( Root veggies) are associated with Taurus:

Sweet Potatoes





These are best planted at a waning moon time so not today 🙂 We are in waxing for approximately 14 days and so in approximately a couple of weeks we are going into this time period.

Harvesting, canning and pickling are good today

I am getting ready to plant some seeds as I am hoping to get my first polytunnel soon ~ next tuesday is a very auspicious day for this as the moon is in Cancer.

I am visiting the Eden project in Cornwall soon so hopefully pick up some inspiration from there too.

Taurus Moon for our health.

The Taurus Moon time governs our jaws and neck.

The throat chakra. In particular the thyroid gland which is the shape of a butterfly at the front of our throat.

This governs our energy levels.

In my other blog ~ flow with jo ~ I have spoken about issues with my teeth and decided to trial colloidal silver .

I ordered it yesterday and serendipitously it has arrived today at the perfect time for using it in Taurus Moon

I took my first dose today. Will keep you posted.

Anything that is to be ingested and taken in is a energetically aligned today ~ however if I was having an extraction of a tooth I would be better to wait to a waning time as there would be less blood loss ~ all fluids rise with the waxing moon until they peak at full moon , this is also true of emotions.

Here is an interesting article about how the sun and moon affect our inner cycles and the production of colloidal silver

Taurus is associated with Isis energy and Silver ~  lots of serendipitous synchronicities.