Seed of Sacred Living

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Spring has sprung



Snowdrops? Moly ?


Yellow Galactic Seed Day


Virgo Waxing Moon

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This is the day of the current 13 year cycle 

we are on Year 8 of a 13 year cycle

in the Mayan Wavespell Cycle

I am learning a lot about this at the moment and it is having a big

impact on my understanding on working with the cycles

for plant care


First Camelia flower from rescued supermarket bargain

I am researching the flowers and the links lead to more info about general info as well as mystical

and healing properties

We are always drawn to flowers that have special significance for us


In the Mayan calendar

we are now in the flowering cycle known as

The Yellow Castle

There are four spirals of thirteen days

within each castle

This first spiral is called Red Earth

If you would like to know more about this and

how it affects you please read my other blog

So if you are feeling creative

looking to connect with your garden

now is the perfect time to do it 🙂




I have had an allotment for a long time in West Yorks in the UK

It had previously been lost and a neighbour of mine told me about it.

It was overgrown and full of old rubbish 

mouldy settees

car parts

and yet underneath was a secret garden.

This was back in 2004. I contacted the mill owners and drew out the plan of the land 

It took me about a year to clear the rubbish

I planted a Hawthorn Hedge and set about uncovering the lost borders

This was quite a challenge as it is a very big site

It is a special place and most people don’t even know it is there 🙂

These pics are from 2013

I have shared it with people over the years and now have a family of keen people

who are getting stuck in 

as once again it is overgrown

The Scouts are helping too

and I am so grateful that the Wheeler family

are wanting to take it into a whole new community project.

I will be sharing their adventures in my blog

via their blog

and hoping we can swap ideas and plants

in true allotment style

I am also connecting to other people around the globe doing exciting 

earth projects and so am intending to share their news too


We will be re~starting our poly tunnel next week so will be posting about our progress.

I have lots of seeds from last year and going to the seed swaps this year in my community 🙂

Finding lots of lovely local place to discover new treasures 🙂

Wishing you a lovely week of re~ connection to the land



and living the dream

Here is a video made on the allotment just before I moved to Glastonbury

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Poly Tunnel Begins

We have been busy bees and blessed by the weather 🙂 

The poly tunnel we eventually bought from an ebay auction was bigger than the original clearing and so has moved further out ~ learned a lot about our process during this journey. It has been a real test of our maths skills and in Mercury Retrograde this isn’t the easiest of times to use masculine thought process 🙂

This is the wonder of creativity projects and the foundation of our life journey. We get to see what is resistant in us and our circle of people by how we work together as a team ~ or not. Wherever there is resistance there is an opportunity for new learning.

We started this project at the heart of the Blue Monkey Wavespell and this is the centre of the Mayan Calendar. It is also Mercury Retrograde time and an opportunity to really connect to what our inner child is seeking to gift us so we can open our hearts and be free of the past ~ and…..

It isn’t what we think it is 🙂 

Over the past two weeks I have been tapping every day ( Emotional Freedom Technique) with my partner ,on what is coming up for us around past relationship events. We have worked together most of our 24 years in relationship and so have lots of times when we have locked horns. During our property business I often spent time on the allotment digging my frustration out ~ generally because I didn’t have the masculine energy to back up the courage of my convictions and so I avoided speaking my truth.

This is a key issue for me ~ being in my power. I will not become the behaviour I abhor and bully people into my way of seeing the world. My ego likes to turn up the volume on my inner critic about this and match the ego society beliefs that ~ at the moment ~ are the bigger picture collective view around “success” and what it means to be a “winner” in our society. I do not tick any boxes for this as in many ways my life can be seen as a financial “failure” . This has brought me huge learning and transformation for my soul journey and taking the heart path rather than only the head. I have come to recognise a different truth about myself and the world because of it.

As our world changes and the sacred feminine is becoming more apparent, I find myself assisting others in moving away from the corporate nonsensical world and removing their own veil so they can see how the world truly is and the game of life we are playing ~ we are never out of step on our path and it is all good ~ even though it sometimes feels bad and “wrong” as we go in the opposite direction of what we are educated to believe is “the way”.

We are going back to certain ways in order to move forward and evolve and in the process bring the balance back to ourselves and our world.

So far we have spent a couple of days full on in the scorchio sunshine. We have put up the bare bones and at the moment we are digging out trenches. This will also go on video and apologies for the sound ~ we will aim to improve it . The Somerset soil is clay and we have committed to digging a small stretch each day so as to keep our bodies in a well being state . Here is the link to the videos ~ five so far and this will grow.

We used google for some great resources for watching other people putting up tunnels and how to do the maths to create a square, in alignment tunnel.

There is the 3, 4 ,5 rule and a link here for that. There is a wonderful channel for all things polytunnel here.

Funnily enough when I did my Sagittarius workshop we had a fire away from what we thought was “the site” and now where we chose is going to be the site of our wood burner 🙂

We are going to use this as a rocket stove to keep an ambient temperature all year round . On the outside we are creating some raised beds to insulate the lower levels and provide a nurturing band of  yin root veggies that are happy living outside with lower temperatures.

We already have some visitors weighing up this new structure in their playground ~ the rabbits. They are reasonably tame and sit watching us looking at them over the fence.

This is the first “new build” we have ever done and I feel this is very significant at the Rabbit Animal Totem reveals.

In the past we have renovated and restored and transformed dilapidated spaces. Now it is time for something new and for that we require new skills, beliefs and so new ways of being through new learning.

Our garden has really plumped up this year on it’s new bones of last year. Last year there were a couple of plants and we started changing the shape of the lawn into a circle. 

It is really easy to create a garden ~ it is the default setting of our planet and all we have to do is be the hands for nature if we choose to create something in a human way ~ with consciousness and a dream. Each plant’s nature is to be abundant and if we take the time to learn how each unique seed loves to be and thrives we become masters of co creation. As we do this in our garden we create a change on the inside too. It is simply part of the process.

Today is Gemini moon in the UK. It is the waning time and so the time for receiving what we have put out in the first half of the moon cycle. The Yin coming back in 🙂

Last two days of the Blue Monkey Wavespell and then we go into supercharge Yellow Seed Wavespell with……ten galactic portals.

I will be blogging about this on my blog.

If you wish to receive regular news from these blogs effortlessly then all you need do is subscribe and give your email details.

Hope you are having fun in the summer sun and allowing yourself to receive.

Here are some photos of the garden on my Facebook page

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Exciting day connecting to lots of inspiration

Lots of ideas coming in now. Still not sure on the site yet as question marks over whether we can use the land at the back of our house. There are a couple of options coming up nearby that may be possible and I am open to creating something new ~ bearing in mind that we tend to create the same pattern so it will be interesting to see how that emerges. I have a variety of these possibilities based on gardens, projects and my allotment in Marsden.

I am hoping to twin up with that space in the very near future to create a joint community project both in the North and the South of the UK ~ seeing how the different weather and patterns of the land create a different climate.

The intention behind the project is to share the love of the land and create new inspiration for people to reconnect with their innate knowledge and skill of co creating with nature for well being and having fun doing it.

I have enquired about recycling polytunnels in my locality of Somerset but nothing back on that yet so still looking. I have looked at a brand new model too and a big part of me is saying no because…….they aren’t circles 🙂 Plus we are just going to buy it and that seems to be out of alignment with the whole bigger picture so now we are opening up to different ideas.

For a long time now I have wanted a geodesic dome. Reading about Buckminster Fuller and this sacred geometry design really set my heart on fire .

I found these videos today on youtube and I am sharing them with you. I have a feeling we may be embarking on a building a dome project and…..

I like the look of a few of these other powering devices and using plastic bottles too. That feels so much more exciting than buying an off the shelf model and already I am thinking about what could be possible?

Just remembered that we went to the Eden project in Cornwall around this time in 2002 and the Lost Gardens of Heligan too.

Not thinking of that sort of scale though………

This video also really inspired us and we are not religious in any way ~ my take is that we are being guided by the universe as to remembering who we really are as part of the universe. It is time to reconnect to the sacred in us and work with our goddess energy to empower ourselves on all levels.

Back to Eden

What exciting projects will we create and who will we connect to? What will we learn ?

Incidentally I have sent an intention out to start to detox and found myself buying mung beans ~ not bought them before and when I did a google search today for recipe’s guess what……they are cleansing. 

Thank you universe for allowing me to change direction and create something new.


New Project starts

Ever since I read The Celestine Prophecy in the year 2000 I have yearned to find a place that is like the centre in the book.

I have always loved gardening since I was a child. I have had an allotment for several years and now I am creating another growing space.

This time I intend to use my holistic therapy experience and make a much needed shift for my own personal wellbeing.

My intention is to grow high energy food that I can nurture with love and in turn it will love and nurture me.

I am going to share my journey through this blog and intend that this seed of sacred living idea pollinates and creates lots of heart centred co creation.

Please connect and share.