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Where there’s muck…….


It was a Virgo moon yesterday. The perfect day for being earthy and collecting some wonderful manure that will feed our lovely plants. Today in Libra moon it’s the perfect time for planting above ground plants ~ careful if all frost has gone which it hasn’t here yet 🙂 It is a beautiful blue sky day ~ yea 🙂

Our manure came from an animal sanctuary nearby that rescues all sorts of animals . The manure we have collected comes from pigs and sheep who came to have a close inspection of us as we were removing their excess products 🙂

The picture I have posted today isn’t of  one of the actual donating pigs ~ a similar breed. Hope to get some pics in future to put on the blog when I have had a chat to the owner of the sanctuary about how they feel about publicity ~ yesterday it was raining and I had manure on my hands so I deferred  from getting my phone out for a photo shoot and concentrated on the job at hand whilst encountering nosy sheep inspecting our bags :-)…….

The manure we have collected comes from animals that are free from any chemical additives ~ they do not take antibiotics and some of them are there because they weren’t big enough for food production ~ hence being rescued. The ground that they live on isn’t treated with pesticides either and that is very important. I was recently labelled a purist by someone who lives locally who was looking for people to grow food on her land. She wanted to use round up on couch grass saying it only acts in isolation and when asked my opinion I said I didn’t want to use any poisons in any way on any land period. Needless to say we didn’t go ahead with a joint project. It is something I feel strongly about and having grown veg and plants for several years on an allotment I choose to find a natural way to learn about what is out of balance on the land I am cultivating ~ because that is always reflecting something in me. I am not separate from anything in my life and neither is anyone or anything else …..everything is connected.

It is really important to think the whole thing through about everything that goes into the growing recipe and we can ask questions to do this and learn as part of the process ~ I forgot to ask initially about this. I noticed how in the last month of Aries I felt really impatient to get things going and have to be focused and disciplined with working at the aligned time if I want to get the outcome of optimising this system. My ego child wants to do it ~ now ~ 🙂

When I asked the question about what the animals are given I learned something new ~ they have a natural product to assist with worms ~ which is called  VermX ~ not heard of that before. Just want to add that I have no connection with any of the websites I post in terms of any financial benefit of posting them. My intention is simply to share my journey with my readers so please take your own journey if you decide to follow any of these paths and ensure it is the well-being way for you as it may not be 🙂

It is tricky with the UK weather to work with this system of moon cycles as the weather can be so changeable and if we get a sunny day I want to go out and plant regardless 🙂 I know though that working with these rhythms is so worth it for the most important plant in my life ~ me 🙂 This way of being is changing me and without me this creativity ceases to be. This is something everyone can value ~ putting ourselves first and being the change we want to see.

Everything in the nature of recycling is the key to our evolution now. How often do we simply use a linear process and overlook the benefits of everything that we create?

A dung heap gives off tremendous energy that can be tapped into as an organic generator to power equipment for example ~ it can heat unused beds ready for the next stage, it can be piled next to a greenhouse or poly tunnel to create natural warmth. Insects love it.

Our manure can be used in the same way and many people use composting toilets without harvesting their full potential ~ they are mini generators and do not have to be passive. Reed beds are fab ~ and take quite a long time to filter sewage which has to be very in balance proportionally with what goes in and amount of reeds and area to cope with it.

A great website I just found  and another one about manure

If you think of these huge sewage plants that add water and chemicals and stir things around…….

Each home could have it’s own mini generator recycling excess product and it being a true circle of recycling everything instead of one way traffic ……

Our manure isn’t quite ready for use yet as it isn’t simply earth so needs to break down more otherwise the chemical reactions that happen in the breaking down process can damage the plants and burn them.

Here is a great forum for this


It’s interesting to see how much excess product we have created too as a way of seeing how efficient the food we are eating is.

I noticed this with my cats as a few years ago I learned about factory produced food and started feeding my cats chicken and fish with olive oil and sunflower seeds instead. I was really shocked at what I learned about some commercial food and saw the affects on my maturing cats.

We don’t do vaccinations in any of our family including my animal ones and this came about over lots of experiential learning which actually started when I got one of my cats from a professor in immunology who I used to pet sit for ~ synchronistically at the perfect time when I had young children and had a vaccination experience with my first born. The perfect person to ask showed up in my life. She didn’t vaccinate herself and often went into the Amazon to do research which I thought was an interesting contrast. She didn’t have children but said if she did she wouldn’t vaccinate ~ I also found a book “What doctor’s don’t tell you” when I was petsitting for a family for a couple of weeks. This really opened my eyes and made sense of so many things ~ remembering my heart wisdom.

How many of us have a corporate role that we choose not to bring home and is simply a front we wear ~ just like a phone app?

My business at that time was based around sanctuaries and rescued animals and people who recognised that many “diseases” found in kennels such as cat flu and kennel cough were actually a result of stress that their pets experienced being away from their home and family.

When my cats ate factory food they produced lots of waste product that was really revolting

On ordinary food they have very little waste product at all and the smell is vastly reduced.

What a fascinating subject isn’t it and hence the title of the blog ~ a northern saying ~

Where there’s muck there’s brass ~ totally true. Meaning on a literal level where there is muck there is the potential to make money ~ brass. The alchemy process turning lead into gold.

In the earth we live and grow in and in our shadow selves too. Dung beetles travelling over the milky way in ancient symbolic wisdom.

Everything we need to live a vibrant loving life. The circle of life.

Lots to discover and create new exciting ways of being with.