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Virgo Moon ~ masterplan

It is a scorchio day in Somerset. I am aching a little today and my arm is covered in raised welts but amazingly it isn’t stinging. Yesterday I applied some lavender gel and within minutes the stinging and irritation had gone. It is the first time I have used this product and am very impressed.

For clarity ~ anything I recommend on my blogs is purely from my experience and heartfelt, I do not get any incentives or monetary gain πŸ™‚ If I feel something works for me I love to share it with the intention to share inspiring news and connections.

I use Essential Oils Direct in Oldham for my essential oil supplies and they have been in my cosmic cookie trail before I even knew what essential oils were.

In the 9o’s we used to have a courier company and my partner used to deliver for this company. One Christmas he bought me a box of essential oils and opened up a whole new world. This was several years before I trained in reflexology and aromatherapy ~ it planted a seed in my heart . When we look back it is magical to see how we have found our way to the exact places we were meant to on our illuminated journey.

Today’s energy is very much of that flavour ~ Blue Self~existing Eagle in the Mayan calendar , Taurus sun and as I am writing this Leo moon going into Virgo in the UK around 1030 am ish ~ if you use this lunarium it gives you that info πŸ™‚

It is a potent energy today to connect to the bigger picture. Imagine an eagle soaring high in the sky seeing the landscape spread below. Imagine what you are setting in motion today and how those energy ripples will touch the thread of all things in our universe and illuminate .

What we do in life echoes in eternity ~ gladiator πŸ™‚ One of my favourite films for heart path and a man of honour who kept his integrity no matter what life brought to him.

Yesterday I started to clear our patch of ground where our next project begins. It is covered in builder’s rubble and overgrown with plants. It was like an archaeological dig with bits of broken tile , pallets, insulation and lots of self seeded plants covering them up and creating their own green carpet. It took a lot of time to separate into piles so that some of the materials may be used. I replanted some of the plants I discovered such as geraniums, teasles and forget me nots.

Some pics here

As I sat down to rest, I watched the recently returned Swallows darting to and fro and remembered times past before they left ~ what a blessing Spring time is. Higher above them was a trio ofΒ Crows making cries like a newborn as two chased one with malicious intent. Higher still Buzzards circling. I guess it is mating time. Birds are great totems to be guided by

One of the things I have learned from my journey is implicit in Virgo energy. The patterns we live and how we repeat them. Since becoming more conscious of my path I have realised that at midlife particularly, we have a choice ~ to carry on doing our pattern from ego ~ attached to our outcome and feathering our nest to create an external validation model. Another option is the soul structure of service ~ without sacrifice ~ I do not believe we are here to be a martyr or suffer ~ that is of course an option πŸ™‚

I understood for many moons, on an intellectual level, what it means to set a goal and detach from the outcome ~ however for many years I was still very attached to my old life and doing what I knew because that gave me a certain result that I wanted…….and there are still parts of me that are πŸ™‚ When it is the perfect time and we are ready to take the next step everything falls into place ~ when the web is ready it all happens ~ all that is required is the intention to go for it πŸ™‚

Since my first visit to Glastonbury in 2010 I have become more aware of following the heart path…..and often that doesn’t make sense. To follow it means using a different guideline of trust and hearing the sacred feminine ~ which is the essence of Virgo ~ Β a way of being untouched by man’s ego mind ~ to do what we love and what feels good ~ without an agenda, without a hidden secret plan, simply because it opens our heart and…..

in the doing of it ~ we walk our true essence

in the being of it ~ we create a new energy blueprint

in the sharing of it ~ others feel the passion, feel the light, feel the love

and allow themselves to have the courage to do the same.

In this amazing time of transition ~ that we chose to be a part of ~ it is time toΒ 

live from our hearts and be brave to leave behind the old ways, to forge new ones.

To be our sacred selves.

Today I am off to the Sagittarius part of the Glastonbury Zodiac to take part in a Sacred Bee Ceremony. At some point we are hoping to keep bees and I find this quite daunting ~ and naturally that feeling of the challenge means……

We absolutely have to go for it πŸ™‚

I am hosting a workshop in my garden next weekend for Sagittarius Full moon.

It will be key for my structure of my vision of a dream I had back in 2000 ~ it may end up here, it may not ~ it doesn’t really matter.

More info about the heavenly vibes coming up this week:

The essential process is that I am taking this journey and creating as I go and allowing myself to trust that I am loved and held by my mother goddess energy ~ it is time for the sacred feminine to return. I am a part of the universe ~ everyone is and when we allow ourselves to remember that ~ is when magic really happens.

Love to all your structures today. Be brave and go for your heart’s desire. It doesn’t need to be a grand plan ~ whatever you are choosing that lights up your world ~ rest assured ~ it was meant to be ~ so that in the sharing of your wondrous self ~ the whole world remembers it’s true essence of love.


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Aries waning moon



Aries waning moon time ~ new beginnings at waxing moon time through what we let go of today.

In the gardening by the moon Aries waning moon is all about removing of anything in your garden that is getting in the way of your abundance programme and gardening maintenance. Could be what you perceive as a weed , something that has more dead branches than new growth, a looming dark behemoth that is over shadowing lots of struggling plants that have no light in it’s wake.

What we allow ourselves to receive and regenerate now is a catalyst for new growth when the water starts to rise with the New Moon in Taurus on the 10th in the UK.

At this last quarter of the moon we are coming into dark moon time ~ seeing the future is a possibility if we allow our psychic connection and yesterday was a good day for that in the Mayan calendar ~ New Moon coming on Friday.

It’s in Taurus and it’s a major astrological event too with the moon in Taurus ~ so both masculine and feminine in Taurus ~ a fecund time of connecting to our sacred feminine and seeing how what we are shaping and planting now is really going to blossom when the Yellow Galactic Seed Year starts on July 26th.

Today we are in yellow rhythmic seed of the blue storm wavespell

This is a number eight year of integration ~ as above so below ~ inside and outside.

We have finally got the go ahead to expand our growing space and so plenty of Aries waning moon opportunity ~ we have to clear the site of building rubble to create a space for our polytunnel . Β Lots of getting fitter opportunity πŸ™‚ Lots of walking meditation and if this wonderful weather continues it will be a pleasure to be out in the sun. Last year too much rain really stunted our harvest so we are creating our own mini Eden project ~ never had a polytunnel before so lots of new learning and expanding the space means we have deer and rabbits to share with ~ maybe planting a garden for them so they don’t eat ours πŸ™‚

More pics here

I have struggled over the past few days with family at bank holiday to break the old pattern of food and am really feeling that.

Eating food to fill me up and emotional eating ~ old family ways of relating through food and noticing how that is so familiar and comforting ~ I have been cleaning out and clearing space to take the next step with our garden and feeling starving.

I am remembering times in the past when I have let go of old ways of relating and how my addictions have connected me to that…..with the intention of working with that part of me that loves to belong and share space and activity ~ many of which aren’t good for my body or soul.

As a mother, therapist, gardener and property renovator I see how cycles are an intrinsic part of our universe and I see how my cycles and learning have evolved at the perfect time in synch with the seasons and the planets.

Now I am learning to work with more conscious awareness and move myself forward into more heart centre ways of being that I believe I am here for.

I love sharing this journey of transformation and I am accepting that this is my destiny ~ to accept the gifts of the struggle and help others do that too when they are ready πŸ™‚

Part of me felt fed up that everything is a restoration project ~ wouldn’t it be nice to buy something already good to go ? For some people that is their position and it often comes through having money ~ money that is often earned through a pattern of another party paying more than is fair. When we buy a ready made something….where is our co creativity ?

Beliefs around our age and what we “should” be doing and being at this time……we can simply accept them for what they are……beliefs πŸ™‚ Creating new ones now as the next step of a new cycle is possible from love…..when we let go of the perceived wound πŸ™‚

When we cannot simply buy off the shelf because of lack of funds……we can use our imagination. We can see how we can recycle and add in a part of our inspiration to create anew. I offer that this is the direction we are all heading ……downsizing…..our planet resources are not here to be consumed in an ever expanding ego way and now it is time for something new.

To create from the heart….. and often that doesn’t make sense……it is simply the universe , that we are an intrinsic part of…..taking us somewhere we only dreamed of…..connecting to us to others to assist their co creativity …… a way we have no knowing of…….

We’re on the road to nowhere ~ and everywhere ~ what seeds are we planting now in our hearts that are the forests of fecundity for future spaces ?

Love to you and your circles of love ~ everything we need emotionally is within ~ everything in nature has a circular energy ~ including us ❀