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Capricorn Moon ~ super energised day

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It is getting warmer at last and each day the plants are fluffing out into bigger areas and I always forget that ~ I have a tendency to cram in as many little beauties as possible ….and then have to transplant them, which is a pattern of mine 🙂

Yesterday it was also Capricorn moon and I spent a lot of time on moving things around to accommodate new plans ~ one of which was incorporating the muck the we collected last week which is still rotting down. The Robin was close by watching this process ~ always reminds me of my Grandad who I spent my first gardening time and discovery with ~ a fellow Leo .

Today we are hoping to take our next step on enlarging our growing space with confirmation from the person that owns it.

It is a serendipitous day ~ Red Crystal Earth in the Mayan calendar ~ it is also energetically a very powerful galactic portal day ~ time to crystallise all that we have learned in the past eleven days. It is a wonderful time to connect with all in the cosmos ~ to let go of any linear limitation and to unearth our often hidden strength ~ our heart wisdom .

What can happen when we let go of our mind leading the way and be stuck in a groove ~ and be open to new ideas?

I am learning lots of new things now and one major shift in my gardening is using the moon to enhance my alignment with planting with the cycles ~ instead of merely planting with the sun and my whim ~ a great metaphor in itself ~ letting go of being masculine head drive and bringing myself into balance.

I am tuning in to cosmic guidance ~ my intuition and following the cosmic cookie trail.

We have only lived in this place for one season and there was an empty canvas to work with. I have brought some plants from the north that seem to be settling in ~ much warmer and drier start for them this year and they are loving that .

I have created a space outside for my many bean plants ~ they were covering every available light space indoors until frost recedes ~ now I have a few outside in my mini greenhouses ~ it is still a tad risky though 🙂 I am feeling there may be a Jack and the beanstalk adventure 🙂

I am also planting peas ~ beans haven’t been high on the menu in the past ~ remnants of bean experiences at school that I didn’t relish as a child, put me off them except for the tinned variety. I am now exploring lots of options with new recipes and new knowledge about how to use them and what they offer.

I am creating a structure and using the three sisters routine ~ instantly reminds me of  the White Christmas routine with Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby ~ always a family ritual for me as a child watching the film with my Mum and Nan …… how we link up to our childhood structures in everything we create .

Today’s pic isn’t my structure ~ I haven’t got the space for this at the moment but it really inspired me as a future possibility and I loved discovering lots of ideas in writing this blog today ~ takes me on a journey of discovery  ~ loved the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for this ~ living structures we can get inside ~ reminds me of den building as a child too.

Love the Lost gardens of Heligan ~ planning to visit later in the year and found this one in the USA ~ love this.

Creating dens out in the woods , in your bedroom, in the garden with anything and everything like a magpie collecting treasure. I used to use my Nan’s big wooden clothes maiden which I still had until very recently.

As a child I used to cover it in old blankets that were from the Navy and the second world war.

I often took things from the house ~ much to my Nan’s chagrin. She didn’t like the worms I put in her pinnie pocket either 🙂

I loved getting the tent out ~ each year that was a ritual  for me ~ confirmation that summer had arrived. It smelt musty like the wooden garage ~ a man made artifice amongst the smell of freshly mowed grass and strong smelling flowers. It was strongly connected to feel good times and so an instant anchor to them. The nose is such a potent time travel portal.

So this year I am going to create a three sister’s structure ~ again a very Mayan linkage. This involves corn, beans and squash creating a structure together.

Corn for solar plexus ~ yellow, squash for sacral chakra ~ orange and beans for heart  chakra ~ heart.

Capricorn moon

Very apt for creating structure and with the principle of what we are doing…..

we are being……..

we are having…….

We are creating our universe through our structure in action.

Capricorn is about skeleton, bones and skin ~ how we stand in the world and how we receive it through our biggest organ ~ the skin. The skin is our fence and our boundary between ourselves and the world we live in. The spine is what supports this structure and our staff of life, tree of life, our magician’s wand.

Capricorn is the hardy goat that strides ahead Julie Andrew’s style ~ climb every mountain ~ to see what is at the top.

It is also a sign that is very practical and focuses on this ~ often avoiding feelings in the process and this is the major challenge of the Capricorn as it is the disciple and the spiritual seeker.

Vegetables that are associated with Capricorn ~ 

Root crops are best planted in a waning moon ~ now 🙂 As the moon pull is receding this allows the process of putting down good roots, grounding, going within energy

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, radish,parsnip

Capricorn Waning moon for holistic rejuvenation

It is a great time for a detox and letting go at this time. Going within, rest and recuperation ~ not the time for mountain climbing and putting pressure on our skeleton  . We are in the third quarter of the moon so time to integrate all that started in the first quarter with the new moon and the build up in the big Scorpio full moon and eclipse that we have just gone through. Time to let it go and be released.

This moon is earthy and dry and likes structure ~ if that is your moon that reflects your feminine side and mother archetypes. If it is your sun sign this can reveal the shadow side.

A sprinkling of good old Will today ~  

an ode from Will Shakespeare


Our bodies are our gardens, to the which

our wills are gardeners; so that if we will

plant nettles or sow lettuce, set hyssop

and weed up thyme, supply it with one gender

of herbs or distract it with many~

either to have it sterile with idleness

or manured with industry ~

why, the power and corrigible authority

of this lies in our wills


I do my my walking meditation in my gardening and my exercise in this earthly gym …….and sometimes I sit and I breathe in the heady aroma of my beautiful , bountiful fragrant friends.

What more do we need than to sow and to weed ?

Love to you and your structures today. May they build lovely arbours of light and shade.




Author: flowwithjo

I am a holistic therapist who specialises in energy coaching. I live in an amazing location at one of the pilgrim places of the world. I travel to amazing locations ~ a great adventure journey is happening right now. I love what I do : connecting to people around the world and creating flow . I work person to person, in Glastonbury and worldwide using Zoom. I offer retreats in the sacred Glastonbury landscape. At the moment I am working with the bigger picture frameworks of the Mayan Calendar and Starcodes to reveal each individual's unique life purpose. The key tool I use in helping let go of the past and creating the life we want now is Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a powerful, simple tool that takes coaching to a whole new level. If you would like to experience this for yourself, please get in touch. I offer workshops for groups and love to travel so please invite me.

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