Seed of Sacred Living

New Project starts


Ever since I read The Celestine Prophecy in the year 2000 I have yearned to find a place that is like the centre in the book.

I have always loved gardening since I was a child. I have had an allotment for several years and now I am creating another growing space.

This time I intend to use my holistic therapy experience and make a much needed shift for my own personal wellbeing.

My intention is to grow high energy food that I can nurture with love and in turn it will love and nurture me.

I am going to share my journey through this blog and intend that this seed of sacred living idea pollinates and creates lots of heart centred co creation.

Please connect and share.


Author: flowwithjo

I am a holistic therapist who specialises in energy coaching. I live in an amazing location at one of the pilgrim places of the world. I travel to amazing locations ~ a great adventure journey is happening right now. I love what I do : connecting to people around the world and creating flow . I work person to person, in Glastonbury and worldwide using Zoom. I offer retreats in the sacred Glastonbury landscape. At the moment I am working with the bigger picture frameworks of the Mayan Calendar and Starcodes to reveal each individual's unique life purpose. The key tool I use in helping let go of the past and creating the life we want now is Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a powerful, simple tool that takes coaching to a whole new level. If you would like to experience this for yourself, please get in touch. I offer workshops for groups and love to travel so please invite me.

2 thoughts on “New Project starts

  1. Looking forwards to reading your new blog Jo and going on the journey.

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